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Be alert for any of the following medically related issues, which may indicate a need for a comprehensive driving evaluation with an occupational therapist.

  • Is the client oriented?
  • Is there a sudden onset or a chronic illness that limits function?
  • Does the client take medications that effect vision, cognition, arousal level or motor performance?
  • Does the client have deficits in vision, cognition and motor performance that may interfere with driving ability?
  • Does the client have difficulty filling out forms?
  • Is the client able to see while filling out forms?
  • Can the client find identification documents?
  • Is the client able to clearly report what brought him/her to the office?
  • Does the client have difficulty following directions during interactions?
  • Is the client able to carry out instructions for medication regime or dietary restrictions?

If any of the above issues exist and you are concerned about the client’s driving safety, you should refer the client for a driving evaluation.

Referral procedures:

  • Discuss the concerns and the referral with the client (refer to the American Medical Association’s “Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers” for assistance –link on the Links page)
  • Write a prescription for a Driving Evaluation
  • If pertinent medical information is available (eg. Discharge summary from rehabilitation) have the client sign a medical release form and send the information to the testing office prior to the appointment
  • Call the nearest office to make a referral and be prepared to provide minimal information including:
    • Client’s name
    • Primary diagnosis
    • Client’s phone number
    Independence Drive
    phone numbers
    Gainesville (352) 265-5200
    The Villages 888-248-5005

    A representative from INDEPENDENCE DRIVE or an affiliated agency will contact the client to schedule an appointment.

  • Explain to the client that the entire process will take two hours, this includes the clinic based testing as well as the behind-the-wheel testing using our specially equipped assessment vehicle. Opportunities to participate in exciting research associated with the National Older Driver Research and Training Center exist. The evaluation session will run longer if the driver agrees to participate in research but monetary compensation is available.
  • Instruct the client to bring a companion/driver to the evaluation, as we don’t recommend clients drive home following the evaluation due to fatigue.
  • Be aware that Medicare and other health insurances do not cover services related to driving, therefore all services must paid for by the client or other responsible party.

Florida law allows you to confidentially report a driver if you are concerned. Reporting a driver DOES NOT indicate immediate license revocation. Reporting to the Medical Review Board merely opens a case for evaluating the driver, which includes obtaining written documentation from the driver's physician. For more information on medical reporting in Florida , go to: Please note that based on Florida Statute 322.126 Report of disability to department, reports remain confidential including the name of the reporting party and “no civil or criminal action may be brought against any physician, person, or agency who provides the information”.

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